Spirits in the Material World

Tonight is my favorite backlapper/star-humping event, The Independent Spirit Awards. For obvious reasons I love the showcase of the independent realm, but I also dig on the atmosphere. Unlike the rest of these events this one has less ego, less ass-kissing, less sparkle, and more drinking in the crowd. The feeling of the event just fits better.

I like to regard the stroke fests this awrds season with functions the common man is more likely to attend. I assimilate them thus:

THE OSCARS--I look at this as a holiday gala at the country club. you the same seperation of those who have to decide which tux they will select from their formal wear closet, and those who dropped $50 on a rented monkey suit.

THE S.A.G. AWARDS--This is just like prom. Everyone is dresed up and sitting at tables, pretending they are not dribbling pate' on their taffeta as they get to watch who was voted most popular.

THE GOLDEN GLOBES--This always feels like going to the 50th anniversary party of the relative you hardly know. You get dressed up, but you really don't want to be there.

DIRECTORS GUILD AWARDS--It always strikes me as a business convention your dad goes to. Bunch of older men wearing old suits and talking about work.

The Spirit Awards feel like a wedding reception for a close friend. The mood is lighter and you hit the sauce a little harder because you don't have to be at work the next day. I like the fact that we'll get to see some of the faces we only encounter on the film festival circuit. I'll be pulling for "The Station Agent" and "American Splendor," which I loved maybe a little too much, but it was the kind of movie you love to see recognized because it was so unique. And I have a new #1 on my wanted list.

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