Reid's Like a Jackie Collins Novel

Tara Reid, that thespianic powerhouse, has apparently been on the prowl around the South Beach area. The flaxen haired Tara has made a name of herself as something of an enthusiastic reveler, and the New York Post reported yet another entry on her hedonistic resume'. I like how they describe her being carried out like a sack of potato vodka: she "had to be escorted by bouncers.

This reminds me of the hilarity I enjoyed in reading two separate interviews involving her and Carson Daly They were each prodded to discuss the breakup of their engagement and their answers are revealing when they were asked when they knew things wouldn't workout for them--

CARSON--The moment I realized she could drink more than me.
TARA--On our first date when he drank more than I did.

Funny, they sound perfect together. I would tend to side with Carson on this one, based on nothing more than Ms. Reid's repeated public inebriation. Just look at this description of her at the Miami nightclub-- "She was at a table, drinking straight vodka out of a water glass."
That is simply an abuse of alcohol. Get some stemware sweetie! Oh, and maybe some professional help.

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