Evans the Score

While watching the Namesake of this spot I began to pine away for an episode of "Kid Notorious", the quasi-autobiographical cartoon about, and featuring, vaunted Hollywood icon, Robert Evans. It occured to me that I haven't caught an episode in some time and now I cannot find it on Comedy Central's schedule. This does not bode well.

Two caveats against its demise. Originally C.C. only commissioned 9 episodes, so it may be between seasons. Also, there has been ample critical raves, and just recently the show has been nominated for a Golden Satellite Award. What, you ask, is a Golden Satellite Award? It is given away by a group calling themselves the International Press Academy, and they serve as kind of a post-Golden Globe, pre-Academy Awards award show. I don't think it can hold too much clout though when it serves as a lesser version of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. My hope is that they at least have enough pull to keep The Kid on the air.

Just in case, there are plenty of clips on the C.C. site to enjoy for the now--including the one where Evans himself mentions this very blog. Listen to the words of the song he is composing, it is pure magic.

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